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But First - click here to remove the guess work about sealer results on your project:

Most people have no idea about the history and characteristics of their flooring. You can click this link to see how to easily test with water drops and understand which sealer is most appropriate for your goals.

Some questions you may not be thinking to ask right now that could become important:
    . Was it sealed in the past? Does that matter?
    . Will a new sealer be compatible with whatever was used before?
    . What Aldon sealer will give the visual results you want?
    . Will you also be able to have an Aldon sealer solve problem(s)? ( Answer: yes. Just know which to pick.)

Agglomerates    (see also - Terrazzo further down.)

Shiny - Looks like Terrazzo, but the marble/quartz chips are in a polymer resin & marble dust binder. Also known as "composite engineered stone"

Silestone and Ceasarstone are in this agglomerate category because they are over 90% quartz chips and dust with a polymer resin binder.

Terrazzo tile is a cement binder, not polymer resin like the Agglomerates, please see Terrazzo below.

Agglomerate Tile - cleaning and sealing


Varies from dense (almost slate like) to very absorbent sandstone texture. It has tones of blue, green, and purple. The "Pennsylvania Bluestone" variety is typically uniform blue/gray and highly absorbent.
Bluestone - Pennsylvania - cleaning and sealing bluestone patio

Brick - Clay     (see also "Pavers" below)

Standard or "Common" brick
Face Brick - light and white colors
Flashed Brick - heat generated color patterns
Thin Brick Veneer
Mfg. or Replica Used Brick - new brick that is tumbled and colored
Used Brick - reclaimed from old buildings i.e. "Old Chicago" brick
Historic Old Brick - soft and erodes from weather, sealing fixes
Embossed Brick - a pattern is pressed in the face
Clay Brick - cleaning and sealing Embossed Brick - cleaning and sealing  Used Brick - cleaning and sealing
Face Brick - cleaning and sealing brick flooring pavers Flashed Brick - cleaning and sealing

Brick - Concrete    (Paving - see also "Pavers" below)

Wall or Paving Brick. Solid or Cored. Many colors and finishes. Many are similar in appearance to the clay bricks.
Concrete Brick - Cleaning and Sealing concrete brick wall

Concrete Block    (also known as CMU's)

Precision Block | Cinder Block | Dry stack | Retaining | Split Block
Slump Block | Burnished Block | Shot Blast | Pavers (see below)

Concrete Slab Treatments

Driveways | Garages | Pathways | Storage Facilities
Colored with iron oxide pigments or acid reactive stains
Stamped | Textured | Machine trowel polished | All finishes
Exposed Aggregate Concrete
and Regular finish slabs
Exposed Aggregate Concrete Cleaning and Sealing exposed aggregate patio
Stamped Pattern Slabs
Stamped Concrete - Cleaning and Sealing

Acid Coloration Treatments
acid color stain stain concrete

Concrete Tile

Concrete (cement) body. Some are known as "Encaustic Tile". They are approx. 3/4" thick with many shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be Wet and dry molded, or Extruded. A concrete tile can look like any kind of clay tile, but must be treated much differently.

2"+ thick Pavers - see "Pavers" below
Not installed, but already sealed? - see "Factory Sealed below"

cement concrete tile concrete tile

Factory Sealed Surfaces - ( Also known as "Pre-sealed")

For tabletops - see "Tabletops" below

Mexican Tile, Saltillo - Cleaning and Sealing
Picture shows a Mexican tile as received from the distributor with a sealer already applied. It now has unique installation and treatment requirements.

Glass Tile

Glass tile grout Sealing   Glass tile cleaning   Glass tile care

Flagstone (sandstone)

Flagstone is a generic name usually referring to sandstone, but can mean an installation design that applies to other stone.
Some have crystal deposits that vary the porosity across the surface.


Honed or Flamed   |  Polished
Some kinds of granite do not need to be sealed. Other kinds do need to be sealed to keep staining liquids out of micro-fissures. Granite comes in counter top slabs, tiles, monuments, etc.
For granite tabletops - see "Tabletops" below
Polished Granite - Grey Swirl - cleaning and sealing Polished Granite - Dakota Mahogany - cleaning and sealing polished granite
honed granite countertop polished granite floor

Grout or Mortar

("Grout" and "Mortar" are the same thing and treated the same way)
Discusses standard cement and sand grout, as well as unsanded, additive modified (latex, acrylic) and specialty grouts (epoxy)
For tabletop grout issues - see "Tabletops"
Grout - color and natural - cleaning and sealing Grout - color and natural - cleaning and sealing
kitchen grout

Limestone & Marble

Tiles | Paver Slabs | Trim and Accent Pieces | All finishes
For tabletops of these stones - see "Tabletops" below

Metal Tile

This page is for true metal pieces, not a metallic "glaze". See Tile, Ceramic (clay) - Glazed for the discussion of metallic glazes.

copper metal tile   decorative metal tile  steel tile
 antique copper tile metal tile backsplash

Mexican Tile

Saltillo | Super Saltillo | Tecate

In the family of terracotta tile, but more rustic
Not installed, but already sealed? - see "Factory Sealed"
Mexican Tile, Saltillo, Tecate - Cleaning and Sealing Mexican Tile, Saltillo, Tecate - Cleaning and Sealing
Mexican tile kitchen

Mosaic Tile

Not glazed
Same hard fired material and color all through the body
Same characteristics as Porcelain tile & Glass tile
Small - square, hex, rectangle - usually with a mesh backing for easier installations.

Mosaic Tile - Cleaning and Sealing Mosaic - Cleaning and Sealing mosaic tile

Pavers, Driveway type

Concrete or Clay - 2 " or more in thickness
Usually sand joints, but not always
Harder than clay or concrete wall brick
Not the thinner, more absorbent clay or concrete tile also called "pavers".
Pavers, Concrete, Brick, sand joints - Cleaning and Sealing     Interlocking Pavers, sand joints, Concrete, Brick - Cleaning and Sealing
interloacking-sand joint-driveway pavers

Porcelain Tile

Same hard fired material and color all through the body. Some are zero absorption and stain proof, but that is no longer true of all as new colors and textures have developed. If it darkens from a water drop, it will stain and needs to be sealed. Discussion includes wood look and stone look tile.

porcelain tile

Quarry Tile

Not glazed. Same hard fired material and color all through the body.
For tile tabletops - see "Tabletops"

         Wood pattern      Slip resistant tread
wood pattern      Quarry Tile - traction surface
quarry tile floor
Standard Quarry Tile


There are many kinds of the sandstone family of stone. The name is not as important as recognizing the characteristics discussed. The name "flagstone" is many times referring to a sandstone.


All slate types: Indian | Chinese | Brazilian | Vermont
Many types and colors. Some slates require the sealer to provide reinforcement of soft and/or flaking areas.
For slate tabletops - see "Tabletops" below
Vermont Slate - Cleaning and Sealing      Indian Slate - Cleaning and Sealing      brazilian slate

slate pool deck     slate shower

Statuary, carvings, murals and other artwork
Discussion of artworks made from all kinds of tile and stone.
protectin statues    Missouri Tiger mural

Stone, Manufactured - molded concrete, not quarried

Cement and sand body . Duplicates the look of all the natural stones. Does need to be sealed to prevent fading and etching from acidic liquids.

Familiar names: Cultured Stone | Architectural Stone | Precast Stone | Stucco Stone | Coronado Stone

Cultured Stone - Cleaning and Sealing Manmade Stone - Cleaning and Sealing
man made stone

Stone, Natural
Bluestone      Flagstone      Slate

Quartzite      River Rock     Sandstone

For stone tabletops - see "Tabletops"
A tile that looks like slate or stone? See "Stone Look" Tile above
Arizona Flagstone - Cleaning and Sealing River Rock - Cleaning and Sealing Indian Slate - Cleaning and Sealing
Vermont Slate - Cleaning and Sealing quartzite Bluestone - Pennsylvania - cleaning and sealing
pool deck   river rock fireplace
quartzite patio   bluestone patio

Tabletops by all manufacturers

Some of the patio furniture manufacturers using Aldon products in their production are shown here. Click their logo for their table care information. If your stone tabletop is not made by one of these, it can still be refinished and protected as discussed on each of these manufacturer's pages.
See Video for the easy refinishing process.

Terracotta Tile

Typically an even, light beige color. These are treated differently than Mexican Tile, but both are in the terracotta family. Many come from France and Brazil.
Terracotta Tile - Cleaning and Sealing terracotta tile floor


Terrazzo can be a tile, or poured in place in large sections and machine ground to a polished finish. It has a shiny, polished finish and can look like Agglomerate (see above). They both use marble or quartz dust & chips, but Terrazzo uses a cement binder and Agglomerate tile uses a resin binder.
Terrazzo - Cleaning and Sealing terrazzo floor

Tile, Ceramic (clay) - Glazed

Colors, textures, shapes are in the thousands. Although considered to need almost no care or protection, the new and unique glazed tiles available today do have some characteristics that should be known before installation.
For tile tabletops - see "Tabletops"
Glazed (fired) in a high temperature kiln
Stone Look -slate or other finishes
Metallic Glazed (fired) see above for pure metal tiles.
glazed tile edge  Stone Look Glazed Tile and Grout - Cleaning and Sealing metallic glaze tile
Glazed Tile and Grout - Cleaning and Sealing glazed ceramic tile entry

Tile, Ceramic (clay) Unglazed

Clay body - Fired - Not glazed or coated.
Each of these tiles is a category by itself - see above.
Mexican Tile - Saltillo | Mosaic Tile | Porcelain Tile
Quarry Tile | Terracotta Tile | & More
For tile tabletops - see "Tabletops"
Terra Cotta Tile - Cleaning and Sealing Terracotta tile

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