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There is always a little more to your project than you or we understand - yet!

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this makes us both think of things we might not realize are important right now. It will be easier for you on a tablet or desk top because of the screen size.

On your phone | have no time | a contractor on the job site and need assistance? Just email to Expedited Project Advice with as much information as possible. One or two pictures also if you like. (Please no more than two pictures and of small size so it does not slow down the servers.)

Question about an order in process:
To contact us about an order in process - see the contact email address on your order email. Remember, we ship all orders the same day if received early enough - usually about noon warehouse time. If you need to make a change, we will need to know quickly and we will do the best we can to catch it. Sorry, but after it ships we will have to charge for the cost to bring it back. If it is delivered to you, it cannot be brought back and resold as described on the checkout page. So, please order carefully.

Unexpected results with an Aldon product?
Relax! Understand these things first and then we can assist you to your goals!
  • We do not try to "Sell" you, therefore, we do not make performance claims that are not true.

  • All our products do exactly what we describe. That may not be the same thing as doing what you want, but if we understand what you want we usually have ways to get you there.

  • Hopefully you found unexpected results with samples - and that is a good thing! That is exactly why we recommend samples. Sometimes the job conditions are not what you were told or you thought. Don't worry! Everything is fixable if the cause is understood. All we need is to understand what you see and why it is not what you expected. Tell us about it and we will be able to advise you what to do next.

Telephone us because you have only "one simple question".
After helping folks for over 30 years we proved long ago that a telephone conversation has risk of miscommunication and potentially more work for you than should be the case. For this reason we do not waste your time looking for a telephone number on the web site. We offer faster, better methods. Here is a full explanation of why a "simple" question is never simple. These are the reasons we found long ago that phone conversations are risky for the customer. A company with a support phone line can make people feel good and help sell products, but here is why it is not in your best interests:

  • People are told that their surface type is one thing, but it can be something else with very different needs and vulnerabilities. The web site describes how to test and treat the unique characteristics of every type of surface as they exist now.

  • People are told that nothing was put on the surface, when in fact one or more surface bonding/penetrating type products had been used that can interfere with the penetration / bonding of a cleaner or sealer. Simple testing can make sure of good performance.

  • People do not know what to look for or how to test so that no mistakes are made prior to the full scale work. We provide that information specific to each situation.

  • It is not possible to know what is not known, by you or by us. Our process is to advise the customer what to look for and what to test first. We do not have the knowledge of your project until you give it to us. And only you are there and can do that and do the testing to validate the conditions. Having this in writing in the one email sent back and forth speeds up the process so you get answers quickly. We don't have to spend a lot of time looking at multiple emails from you. We have to be careful about what we say and that takes whatever time is needed.

  • If we did what other companies do to try to "make sales" with incomplete information based on the simple inquiry "Tell me what to buy and how to use it" - we would not be serving the best interests of our customers or have the success rate we enjoy. For over 30 years, we have proven that this system works well for us and for the customer.

  • Click the "Get Help" link. That page will send us the data we need to provide you with the best information possible. It is guaranteed that there is more we need to know than you can think of in a phone call - and that can make a difference to your time and money.

  • Every inquiry we get is routed to the person most qualified to assist. Then you have the best decision making information you need in a coupe of hours, not days. That is not possible with a phone call. A phone call to another company will usually route you to a friendly, well meaning person who is reading from a script and has no real world experience. There is no substitute for having actually worked for some time with projects just like yours.

So, this is why we do things the way we do. We know it works better for both of us than a phone call. However, we understand some folks might not agree. In that case you can visit a big box store to get that personal contact and if you need us later to assist with whatever didn't work right or last long, we are happy to assist you then.

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