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Product: "Premium Stripper"

This is one of the 3 products that can only be sold to contractors.
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(a case = 4 gallons)
Grout Release

What "Premium Stripper" does:

. Breaks down all types of coatings.
. Provides a controllable semi-gel consistency so it does not flow where not wanted.
. Works where other strippers have failed.
. Does not require scrubbing. Just let the formula do the work, then remove.
. Used by DIY and professional installers.
. See this page: Redoing a Previously Sealed Surface for what you want to know before stripping and re-sealing.

Why would you want to use "Premium Stripper"?:

You want to use "Premium Stripper" if:

. You are a contractor or Do It Yourselfer who realizes that the efficiency of using "Premium Stripper" saves you a considerable amount of time (which is money).

. You have an very tough epoxy, urethane, acrylic type coating and no "off the shelf" stripper will touch it.

. The old sealer is a penetrating type and you want to remove it as far below the surface as possible so it does not impair the bond of a new sealer.

. You want to remove any waxes, cleaner residues, etc. at the same time and in a single step.

. You want to remove graffiti from walls or floors.

Did you discover old grout smears after stripping? If so, you need to remove them with "Grout Residue Remover" before sealing again.


Video: See "Grout Residue Remover" at work!

Back Label:
Application Instructions, Coverage, Health & First Aid, Emergency Contact, and more:
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How does "Premium Stripper" work?
It softens, then breaks down the sealer. No scrubbing is needed, but gently moving around the liquid while it is working will make it work better. This is because the broken down sealer is moved out of the way and the still active stripper can contact more sealer area.

"Premium Stripper" is a semi-gel formula that is pourable. It will not run into the bases of cabinetry or baseboards with reasonable care.

We are aware of nothing stronger or faster. Odors are suppressed.

In this process it is the ultimate stain remover where nothing else worked.

It is economical due to the working ingredients being held at the surface and not immediately drying out.

Concerned about Doing It Yourself or what your contractor says?
If you are concerned about doing it yourself - consider that the satisfaction of a project is directly related to YOUR knowledge of what needs to be done and how. Who actually does the work is less important. We estimate that 50% of the usage of Aldon products is by "do it yourself" homeowners and we know they are happy because we hear from them.

Our goal for our contractor customers - NO CALL BACKS. A good contractor will understand the logic of Aldon application instructions on the labels and will not take shortcuts. If a contractor does not agree, feel free to let us find out what is so unusual about this particular project so the contractor does not have to return.

Frequently Asked Questions - clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick
If you do not see the results you expect:

It is not a problem with the product! (They all do what we say they do!)
It is very important that you understand this concept so you do not waste time and effort in the wrong direction. Instead, think about what might be different about the job conditions that you were told or believe. We will assist in identifying what that might be and save you considerable time.
. Your conditions may have been misdiagnosed! (It can happen, even with all the information we provide.) Contact Us with the details and we will assist.
. The surface conditions (absorption rate, contaminants, temperatures, etc.) are other than thought.
. And/or - it was not applied per label instructions! (The instructions are designed to overcome the above, and overcome job conditions of which you might not be aware.)

Click here for FAQ's and : clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick for this product.

To see tips on protecting walls and baseboards with masking, click here.

All strippers, including "Premium Stripper" do not remove what is below the surface, therefore, test with water drops when finished to determine floors ability to allow sealer penetration. If the floor (including grout joints) beads water you do not need any more sealer. Just use "Lifeguard" on this still nonabsorbent surface.

Premium Stripper should remove any sealer that has created a coating on top. Some thicker, tougher sealers will require multiple and heavier applications of stripper.

Premium Stripper removes water base and petroleum solvent base sealers.

Each project needs to be tested with Premium Stripper to confirm conditions.

If removing an Aldon sealer (and that should never be necessary) - see sealer product page to determine the sealer type. Also see the sealer label for any special considerations.

We are frequently asked about potential clean up shortcuts not described on the label. To a large extent you can do whatever works for you, but here are some considerations:
. Power washing: this has the potential to move strong chemicals into risky areas such as vegetation, pet areas, etc. Generally, it is not a good idea unless extremely well controlled and it still requires removal of the stripper and sealer residue.
. Wet/dry vacuuming: this is a technique frequently used on larger projects. However, be sure the wet/dry vacuum is either an economically disposable part of the project, or it does not contain rubber or plastic components that will be melted by the stripper.

Health & Safety:
When you read all the health and safety warnings on a label, you will see we have done our best to make you think about working with any chemicals from any manufacturer. Even household cleaners purchased in supermarkets (many with more hazardous ingredients than we use because they are less expensive for the manufacturer) should be used with common sense and awareness. People have been injured by not knowing you can create poisonous gases by mixing chlorine bleach with some cleaning products. One of the many criteria involved in Aldon products is that all our products will be used with any other of our products and no normal combination of usage events should be hazardous. Nevertheless, use common sense and don't be in a hurry. Let each step prove itself satisfactorily before proceeding to the next.

Some people are allergic or sensitive to some chemicals, especially petroleum solvents. In that case, evaluate our water based products. With the solvent type products, immediately as applied use proper cross ventilation fans blowing across the floor and out the doors and windows. Do not use any chemical products from any manufacturer in a house with the sick, elderly, pets, babies, or other concerns.

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