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Winter is our slower time of year. We have a few items that are overstocked for the next few months and you might as well take advantage of the savings.

You can order as many cases as you want. They are free when ordered from this page and on a "first come, first served" basis until we reduce our inventory to the desired level.
The product is free in the USA 48 states.
We are only charging for part of our costs for UPS & the warehouse handling at $24.00 total per case. Click a product picture to see it's page with a full description.

"Grout Restoration" - QUARTS
(Save over $89 per case!)

(Remove heavy grout stains)

(case=12 Qts.)

Remove heavy stains, then protect from future stains with "Same Day Sealer"

"Same Day Sealer" - QUARTS ONLY
(Save over $110 per case!)

(Penetrating - No Gloss or Color Change)
sealer for all grout, tile, stone, masonry, pavers

(case=12 Qts.)

First restore grout with "Grout Restoration". Then, use "Same Day Sealer" to protect grout from future staining.

"Fine Stone Restoration"
(Save over $174 per case!)

(Remove marble stains & scratches)

(case=16 Pts.)

Restore Limestone and Marble finishes

"Fine Stone Sealer"
(Save over $159 per case!)

(Protect Limestone & Marble)

(case=16 Pts.)

Invisible finish to protect Limestone and Marble

"Tile Cover" - Gallons
(Save over $97 per case!)

(Improve Cleaning of Textured Tile)

(case=4 Gal.)

Eliminate mop grab. Easier cleaning of textured finishes.

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