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Product: "Lifeguard"

This product is no longer available. But don't worry!
We have a much more versatile option for you. - "Crystal Glaze"

Due to improvements in the formulation we are now able to offer you a product that is a combination of two functions:
  1. Protection from traffic wear on an existing sealer: The function of "Lifeguard" was to provide a coating over sealers that would take the traffic wear instead of the sealer. This is highly desirable because, although it lasts a long, long time, the "Lifeguard" coating was quick and easy to patch repair and very quick drying.
  2. A stand alone sealer: "Crystal Glaze" provides all these same benefits, but in addition is a stand alone sealer. It provides the same sealer functions and protections as it always has (i.e. clear coating, very tough and long lasting gloss creation).
If you already have a "Lifeguard" coating on your floor, you can use "Crystal Glaze" on top just as you have been doing.

Please visit here "Crystal Glaze" to review the product and order.

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