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clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick

Cleans Almost Everything
From patio furniture to floor spills to greasy engines. Safe, Strong - Not Acidic

Cleaner - Degreaser - Stain Remover - Food Spills

Use Full Strength on:
Tile . Grout . Stone . Marble . Brick . Patio Furniture . Sporting Equipment . Engines. Almost anything you can think of.

cleans everything

Used by homeowners and professionals on all kinds of surfaces

wet mop cleaner: tile - stone - pavers - brick           

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"Grout Restoration" - For more aggressive cleaning of grout stains.
  Grout Restoration Qt.
A sealer. Prevent future staining with the appropriate
sealer for your surfacing. See you surface type here.
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Insta-Clean is a product we use ourselves to clean virtually everything. From bird droppings on outdoor cushions to greasy diesel engines, and everything in between. Stains on tile and stone are why we developed it, but it's uses go far beyond that.



  • Provides a cleaner that is far stronger than those available in supermarkets. A true multi-use cleaner used for easy removal of

    • food stains
    • grease buildup
    • years of heavy dirt accumulation
    • grass stains
    • oil stains on driveways and garage floors
    • years of dirt and air pollution accumulation on masonry buildings
    • and much more. To see a list of the many, many uses for this product that would not normally occur to you in the context of our industry, Click here! )

    Specially formulated for the special needs and safe cleaning of

    • All types of ceramic tile
    • All types of clay and concrete brick
    • All types of stone
    • All types of concrete products including interlocking pavers, block buildings, concrete slabs (natural and colored), etc.

    For large areas of walls, floors, driveways, garage floors:

    • Apply liberally then hose or pressure wash off. (Note - the product works so well that pressure washing may not be necessary.)
    • Professionals also use Insta-Clean in the pressure wash supply tank.

    For home and restaurant spot cleaning:

    • Simple - spray on, wipe up.
    • No slippery residue (Restaurants - No table downtime)
    • Restaurants - spot clean as needed during the work day.
    • Insta-Clean is not needed for wet mopping of an entire floor unless the requirements are very heavy duty. Normally, mopping is done as needed with Aldon Maintain. )
ITEMS OF INTEREST: This product is:
  • Does not contain acids.
  • Safe on marble and limestone
  • Cleans soot and other air borne contaminants from masonry
  • Cleans stains from driveways, garage floor, garden furniture
  • Breaks down food and oil type stains so they can be blotted out of stone and tile
  • Breaks down chewing gum, glue, etc. type of stains
  • Breaks down and strips waxes and other janitorial grade floor coatings. See Premium Stripper for the tougher coatings and sealers of the level made by Aldon.
  • See the product label reproduction below for all the information on surface preparation, application technique, drying time, etc. This label reproduction will always be the most current. Because we are constantly improving information and passing on tips from users, this could be more up to date than the label on the container.
  • For the restoration of severely stained grout where the grout has actually undergone a permanent color changing permanent stain, you may need a product that is more aggressive. For a more aggressive alternative, please review Grout Restoration


If you do not see the results you expect: It is not a problem with the product! (They all do what we say they do!)

  1. Your conditions may have been misdiagnosed! (It can happen, even with all the information we provide.) The surface conditions (absorption rate, contaminants, temperatures, etc.) are other than thought.
  2. And/or - it was not applied per label instructions! (The instructions are designed to overcome items 1 and 2 above, and overcome job conditions of which you might not be aware.)
clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick for this product.


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Tile & Grout Cleaner
When you read all the health and safety warnings, you will see we have done our best to make you think about working with any chemicals from any manufacturer. Even household cleaners purchased in supermarkets (many with more hazardous ingredients than we use due to cost factors) should be used with common sense and awareness. People have been injured by not knowing you can create poisonous gases by mixing chlorine bleach with some cleaning products. One of the many criteria involved in Aldon products is that all our products will be used with any other of our products and no normal combination of usage events should be hazardous. Nevertheless, use common sense and don't be in a hurry. Let each step prove itself satisfactorily before proceeding to the next.

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