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A Contractor Only Product

This restriction only applies to the products:

"Premium Stripper - SBS Sealer - Mexiglaze"

The restriction applies only to USA customers

This product can only be sold to contractors

These products are of the formula type subject to recent USA regulation changes that require that they can only be sold to contractors and no longer direct to consumers in the USA. It can only be sold to USA contractors who understand the following warnings regarding the potential presence of harmful low hanging vapors:
  • It cannot be used in small, enclosed areas like showers, small bathrooms, bathtub refinishing, etc.
  • The vapors are heavier than air and can accumulate close to the floor. The vapor concentration can be hazardous if inhaled.
  • With all applications, ample additional ventilation must be created with fans that blow at and across the floor and out doors and windows to outdoors.
Contractors: We can make this easy for you.
We will code your account so shipping is at the normal rapid pace and you don't have to remember anything. All that we need you to do is email our Customer Support Department (click here) and say you understand about "the low hanging vapor and ventilation warning" and please code your account for immediate processing. Please include your company name.

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