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You only have "one quick question" !

NO!     Actually you do not!

A quick answer to a quick question is what gets people into trouble, and we will not do that to you.

What you would not understand quite yet is that the answers to any question regarding cleaning and sealing different surfaces will change depending on many possible conditions. We need to know those conditions so we can get you to your goals as easily and inexpensively as possible. (For example, we do not want to tell you to use the wrong cleaners on limestone, marble, or concrete. That could ruin the finish.)

Among other information that the technical support form provides to us is:

  • What is the type of surface really (not just what you were told).
  • What to watch for with your kind of surfacing.
  • What has caused any staining? (Therefore, the appropriate cleaner to recommend).
  • What is the project history (previous sealers if known, etc.)?
  • Which Aldon sealers will work best with whatever sealer was previously used?
  • What finish look do you want?
  • How to keep that finish look and not have to seal again for many, many years.
  • Where is this located on the property or in the house?
  • And much more that you are not thinking about, but could become very important.

We get all this information by you checking a few boxes. 5 minutes doing this will beat you traveling to stores and getting helpful, but potentially risky suggestions to buy their products.

Take the information we give you and go to stores if you like. Then purchase where you are most comfortable, or start by ordering samples/products from Aldon. If you make a mistake when buying elsewhere, it is an annoyance but not a disaster. We make Aldon Premium Stripper which will undo the mistakes.

All Aldon products do exactly what we say they do. The goal is to get you the right products for your project and not just sell you something.

So, please check some boxes on the form and get us good information to work with.

The Aldon Technical Support Department