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Tips on Masking - protecting walls and baseboards from stripping and sealing.   All supplies available from paint and hardware stores.

If you follow the label directions you will see that the process is highly controlled by you and not at all sloppy.  Therefore, masking is for "insurance".  The stripping and sealing process described on the labels gives you the ability to bring liquid up very close to a baseboard, but not quite touching - therefore accidental contact with protective tape should be the most encountered.

In almost all cases the most you need to do is use standard painters paper masking tape of 2" or greater width.

Make sure the tape is a paper tape so it will not be dissolved by any petroleum solvent liquids you might be using.  Paper tape is also not effected by any other types of formulas such as acids.

These tapes are designed to be easily pulled off without hurting underlying paint.  Test this to make sure.

Remember that anything make of plastic (tape, sheeting, etc.) can be dissolved by petroleum solvents.  If you feel the need to use sheeting in addition, use rolls of construction paper.