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Greetings to our Canadian customers

Here are a few things we would like you to know about Aldon Chemical:

Aldon Chemical is a United States manufacturer. We have warehouse stores across the USA and a distributor in Canada.

If you choose to not use Aldon products on your project, that is alright.  Our web site will empower you to make better choices from another source, and we will still assist you with technical support issues before you start the project.

Sales of chemical products is considered a very small portion of a retail stores business. These products are low volume and low profit items that do not justify a retailers product knowledge expenses. Consequently, product knowledge is quite limited for sales people in stores. Also, as the lack of product knowledge causes so many problems for retailers, they are actually afraid to sell the very products you need to protect your investment in flooring.

Convenience (effort on your part): Do not believe anyone, even us!
From this moment it will take you just a few minutes to acquire believable information that would otherwise require multiple days of multiple visits with contractors and dealers. And typically, after all that effort on your part, you will be confused and distrusting of what you are being told. Especially, if you have been here first. In fact, we suggest you prove it. Spend a few minutes here researching your issues and then take your new knowledge to some other professional sources. You will be amazed to learn a few truths of our industry and retailing in general. Such as:

  • Store sales people may know about the hundreds of tiles and stones they sell, but know little about how to care for them. Even worse is if they think they know. This is what gets so many people in trouble and it does not need to happen. It is just not possible for them to be expert in our field with so much to learn about the flooring itself.
  • Store sales people will suggest what is carried in the store because that is all they have to sell. This may, or may not, be the best choice for your needs.
  • Consider this - you have $1,000 or more invested in your flooring. Do you want to risk damage to it, not getting the results you want, having to go through the extreme annoyance of moving furniture out in order to redo a mistake? All because it was more comfortable for you to listen to the well meaning folks in the store than to do your own testing and prove to yourself you will get what you want.
    It is sad but true, we help people every day who have gotten into this position that was so easily prevented. We give you the ability to prevent (or repair) these problems. Do not be in a rush. Do it right - once!
  • The Aldon program will give you the ability to apply to your flooring what you have decided yourself is your best option - even if you decide that is not Aldon products. It is ok to use our web site and then purchase a competitors product. Only your testing proves what is right for you. If you decide that is not Aldon, we won't believe you really did the testing properly, but nonetheless, we want you to follow your own research and decisions. If your decision to use a competitor product proves incorrect, we can always help you correct the problems. Nothing is a disaster and everything can be fixed. We do it all the time for our customers.

Here is an extremely important concept. There are great differences in chemical products from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are great differences in sealer types made by the same manufacturer, including Aldon. Do not proceed with the idea that a sealer is a sealer and it makes no difference which you choose.

A sealer can and should do far more for you than bead water and look pretty.

  • It can also prevent problems you don't even know can exits.
  • It can also enhance the look of a flooring material.
  • It can also reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance required to keep you happy.