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clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick

clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick

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  1. UPS or Fedex will deliver these heavy duty glass sample bottles.  Open carefully. Do not attempt to open if wetness is observed. Wetness (leaking liquid) could indicate a broken glass danger. Notify us for a replacement shipment.
  2. Sample testing is the smart step to prove your project diagnosis. You will receive from us a page of tips in your sample package.
  3. The black cap contains a plastic cone shaped seal.  That cone seal is not an applicator.  If it becomes stuck in the bottle neck on cap removal, just pry out the little cone and pour.
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 Product Samples 
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      clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick

These 1 ounce bottles are not available at the warehouses. They are only shipped from our sample fulfillment facility.
Customer assistance

Why are we so emphatic about testing samples before starting a project?

You have (or will soon have) a very significant investment of time and money in your flooring (and/or walls). You have definite ideas in mind about the final appearance and ease of care. Consider the following:

  • That great look in the showroom will not last without proper protection.
  • Stores and contractors generally avoid that issue because they do not understand it, or do not want to complicate their sale to you. Thus, it is left to you to handle or restore later.
  • By this point in our web site, you have seen and validated your surfacing in  Pros/Cons And Pictures Of All Surface Types  , diagnosed any existing problems in  clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick  , and believe you are ready to proceed. However, consider these next points.
  • The name of the surfacing at issue may be misleading you because marketers of the surfaces use attractive naming that may not be accurate for your concerns of protection and care. See this page for a more detailed explanation.
  • Your diagnosis may be correct, but the particular batches of surfacing you have may vary from the expected in terms of absorption characteristics. That absorption variation, if you know about it, might lead you to choose a different sealer.
  • This is also true of a cleaner that, despite your research here, proves to be chemically inappropriate for a condition that is not what you thought.
  • Your time is valuable. We want to see this project done right the first time. You don't want to be moving furniture more than once.
Therefore, with these remaining little areas of uncertainty for you, we know that the only way to know for sure is to test the product(s).
Notes To Ordering Samples: Please Note:
  • Samples are shipped from our sample supply locaton ONLY (See transit time map below). Samples can be combined with regular product orders from any warehouse and there is no extra charge for the shipping. The sample bottle size is approximately 1 FL. OZ. ( enough for approx. 3" x 3" or more depending on your application).
    To see why we charge for samples, please click here
  • Samples are chemicals that cannot be shipped by mail.
  • See note under bottles picture regarding cap "cone" seals.


  • When ordering a sealer, consider ordering "Lifeguard" at the same time to see the final finish effect. Retain some of the sample for second round testing, just in case you do not see what is expected and need to use it again after contacting our Customer Support Department.
    Note: In the process of ordering the samples, and again approximately 7 to 10 days later, you will receive emails from us. The purpose of the emails is to give you a line of communication to our Support Department.

    If the samples do not do what you expect - first see the tips / troubleshooting section of the products page in the Products section. This will tell you in detail how to "cross test" and figure out how your job conditions are other than what you thought. If that testing and evaluation do not tell you what to do, click the "Reply" button on the Support Department follow up email. That gives us all your contact information and a copy of your order. Include the results of your testing and any thoughts you have.

    The Support Department will rapidly follow up to assist you. This usually happens very quickly. Not days or weeks later as you may have experienced elsewhere. The Support Department is not overloaded and understaffed because very, very few people actually need our assistance.

  • Test more than one piece of surfacing to allow for the variations inherent in them. Our product will not vary to an appreciable degree from batch to batch, but your flooring will. Especially with natural stones.
  • SEE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS & WARNINGS for each product on the label reproduced on its web page before using.
  • Sample orders are almost always shipped within 24 hours M-F except holidays. The order process is automated. (Sorry, it cannot handle future ship date requests.)
  • LOCATIONS OTHER THAN THE USA (lower 48 states) AND CANADA : We send samples to any country serviced by Fedex. We will advise of extra shipping charges for international.
  • Watch for an email with the subject line: Quantum View Notify(TM) Ship Notification. This email is from United Parcel Service and contains your shipment tracking number. Lack of this notice will probably be due to a spam filter on your computer or your ISP's service. This also applies to expected emails from Aldon.
  • TOOLS to apply the samples: See the Aldon Products page for the label reproduction toward the bottom. However, for small sampling areas, no tools are needed for any of the products. Sealers should be poured on and allowed to spread and self-level without aid.
  • Note to dealers: You can order samples on your account with your industry discount applied if you order in carton quantities with a minimum of 50 bottles. They will be packaged in cartons with a maximum capacity of 98 bottles.

Map shows shipping time for "standard ground" shipments from our sample supply location. Your shipping information email from Fedex/UPS will have a tracking number and link for your shipment. Days shown are "working days". Add for weekends and holidays. If time sensitive, check the tracking number you will receive and please allow for shipping company errors or damage.

Aldon product shipping time

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