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This web site is designed so that you do not have to continually back up from visited pages.

Most Aldon links will open a new window for you. Then, you can go anywhere within that new window to other pages. When finished with that subject, close the window and the original window will still be where you left it with its button at the bottom of your screen. This enables you to explore all the side issues without losing your orientation as you proceed through the steps.

You will encounter videos at various places.        

These videos do not require any software on your computer. They will simply play in your browser without you needing to do anything.

Some people do not want to do the steps described below. Instead, they want us to tell them what products to purchase. This is risky for you!

We know that this is exactly why there are so many preventable problems in our industry. No matter how well intentioned we, or a store sales person might be, you are the only person touching the job site and seeing the results. Guesses (yours or ours) create risk. We want to eliminate risk. Therefore, you are the only person truly capable of making decisions. You can contact us for project assistance here, but in order to properly assist you, we still need the quality of information generated from the 6 steps.

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The Path

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Why do these recommended steps?
Start here > Printing this worksheet will give you a check list of Aldon products, your project information, and your decisions as you proceed. You can return to the web site (type control D to bookmark this page ) at anytime and continue easily.
Next > Some sellers of surfacing use "marketing" names that can be misleading. If you take a few minutes to confirm what you have is really what you were told, you can prevent surprises.
Next > Even if you have no questions or problem solving issues, a quick look here might prompt you about issues of which you are presently unaware.
Next > Compare this information with the pictures and information you saw at Step 1. This will confirm your decisions - "in theory". See below regarding samples for real confirmation.
Next > Everybody has many questions about sealers. This section discusses everything we have ever been asked in more than 22 years.
Next > Until you actually test a product on your unique project, everything is theory. This is where you learn of any surprises, instead of during the full application.
Next > This is where you order Aldon products from our closest warehouse store. You can pick up there or have delivered for the same low cost anywhere in the USA or Canada. There is also a link for delivery to all other countries.


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