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Verify sealer choice with the Aldon “Sealer Selector”. This is a "penetrating" sealer that is clear in color and can be built from a low to high gloss finish.

This product:

will not wear from foot traffic if coated with Aldon “Lifeguard”.

will fill the voids but is designed to allow for easy escape of displaced air (bubbles).

will bond below the surface to eliminate peeling - strengthen weak materials - create a subsurface barrier to efflorescence - self level to a smooth finish.

will enhance natural colors and improve grout color problems.

Average coverage is 150 – 400 sq. ft/gal depending on material absorption rate.

For additional information and assistance with your particular flooring material and the subjects indicated by underlined text, see the sales counter and/or visit the Aldon web site at

SURFACE PREPARATION: Do Not Preseal (sealing prior to grouting). Instead, use Aldon "Grout Easy" grout release.

Surface must be ABSOLUTELY DRY, between 50-80 ºF., CLEAN, free of all substances that may cause a reaction (i.e., acids) or impair adhesion and penetration (i.e.,previous sealers). Do not use over, or under, any other sealer.

Prior to sealing - test for easy absorption of water drops to confirm nothing exists to interfere with proper penetration.

If previously sealed - BEFORE proceeding see Problem Solving: Redoing A Previously Sealed Surface"

APPLICATION TECHNIQUE ( Easy - Pour & Push The Puddle ): PATCH TEST THE SEALER FIRST to insure satisfaction with your application techniques and the final appearance. Maintain adequate cross ventilation until fully cured. Wear solvent resistant gloves, and all else necessary for protection of breathing, eyes, and skin. Do not dilute!


No sponge or sprayer. POUR directly from bottle to floor to make a small puddle (NO INTERMEDIATE CONTAINER i.e. paint tray, pail). Spread puddle, do not surface paint. Allow displaced air (bubbles) to migrate out and liquid to self level to a smooth finish. Recap after each pour to prevent evaporation.

Move puddle with a solvent resistant pad or a short nap paint roller made to not rotate, thereby creating a large, soft squeegee that conforms to the surface.

Accomplish deep penetration by allowing 3-10 seconds for absorption, then push puddle remainder to a new area. Immediately add more sealer to the new area puddle and continue the process as before.

Judge effectiveness of sealer application, not by floor color, but by water drops not being absorbed.

If additional sealer applications are desired, you will use less sealer if there is a minimum of three hours before starting next application. Do not work the finish by brush, etc., just allow to self-level.

Do not add coats to build up sealer beyond an even gloss. You will increase gloss with the easy care "Lifeguard" coating

As a general rule for average applications (varies with humidity) the sealer will be: dry to touch in 1 hour, dry to walk on in 4 hours, dry hard in 24 hours, cured in 3 days.

Use lacquer thinner on a clean white cloth to remove dry sealer from unwanted surfaces or lower gloss level. Use lacquer thinner with a brush to dissolve sealer for touchup of air bubbles or trapped moisture.

WALLS: (Same goals as flooring, but application technique varies. See “Flooring” above for more information) Apply with solvent resistant brush, short nap roller, or sprayer. Note: The better the sealer penetration into the surface the more you will achieve the goals discussed above.

ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: You can add gloss, prevent sealer traffic wear, increase skid resistance, and add additional stain protection by applying Aldon "Lifeguard". Thereafter, only clean as needed with Aldon "Maintain" and "Dust Whiz".


IF SWALLOWED - Call a physician or Poison Control Center for safe way to induce vomiting if called for. IF INHALED - If odor is strong or you notice dizziness, headache or eyewatering -STOP - leave area immediately. IF EYE/MUCOUS MEMBRANE CONTACT OR SKIN IRRITATION: Flush with water for at least 15 minutes. IN ALL CASES - Immediately contact a physician & the Poison Control Center! Emergency number (Infotrac) 800-535-5053 or 352-323-3500 DANGER-COMBUSTIBLE Contains Petroleum Distillate and Dichloromethane which has been shown to cause cancer in certain laboratory animals. Reports have associated repeated or prolonged occupational overexposure to solvents with permanent brain & nervous system damage. Avoid if allergic. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Vapor harmful. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Use only in a well ventilated area. Keep away from heat or open flame as could produce toxic gases. Do not transfer contents to other unlabeled containers. Close container after use. Non-photochemically reactive. This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Risk to your health depends on level and duration of exposure. We believe that there is no significant risk in the normal use of the product. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents may be harmful or fatal. This product can damage asphalt, synthetic fibers, plastics or rubber. Store in a cool place! NOTE: Patch testing is always advisable to insure the results will be as expected. Each application has a different set of variables and because of possible miscommunication or misunderstanding of the conditions, final approval, prior to use, must be the responsibility of the user, regardless of recommendations by the manufacturer or seller. The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge and belief accurate, however, due to the fact ALDON has no control over proper surface preparation or application methods, no guarantee as to results is offered, expressed or implied. ALDON products are inspected before shipment and conform to ALDON'S usual standards of quality for such goods at the time of shipment to ALDON'S purchaser. All other warranties whether expressed or implied, including any warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose, but without limitation thereto, are expressly excluded. ALDON shall not be liable for consequential or special damages, nor for any damages in excess of purchase. ALDON CORP.- Reno, NV. 89504 TM: Trademarks of Aldon Corporation © 1999, Aldon Corporation