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Protects sealers from traffic wear, while enhancing slip resistance and gloss. As Aldon sealers do not breakdown, "Lifeguard" protection means never having to seal again. Average coverage is 1000 sq. ft. /gal. Note: Standing water over time can weaken any water based coating, including "Lifeguard". For additional information and assistance with your particular flooring material and the subjects indicated by underlined text, visit us at


The surface must be dry and between 50-80 degrees. "Lifeguard" must spread uniformly and form its protective film over a clean - fully cured - non-absorbent - sealed floor. Do not use vinegar or soaps that might leave residue. If cleaning is necessary, use Aldon "Maintain". Water beading does not necessarily mean the floor is properly sealed. Therefore test before applying "Lifeguard" by allowing water drops to sit on the surface (and grout) for a couple of minutes. If there is any absorption (darkening), additional sealer is needed.

APPLICATION TECHNIQUE ( Easy - Pour & Spread The Puddle ): PATCH TEST (3 x 3 ft) FIRST to insure satisfaction with application technique and final appearance. This test is particularly important if another companies sealer is present as some will not accept a coating. If Lifeguard beads and rolls away on an Aldon sealer in stead of flowing to a smooth film, oil and/or wax that was below the surface prior to sealing may have been displaced and floated to the surface of the sealer. Prior to application of Lifeguard, remove the oil/wax with Aldon "Insta-Clean" and see the troubleshooting link on the product webpage. Maintain adequate cross ventilation until fully cured. Wear all necessary for protection of breathing, eyes, and skin. Do not dilute! Clean equipment with clean water. Recap after each pour. Buffing is not needed. For disposal guidance of unused product, contact a household hazardous waste program, or your local or state governmental control agency.

Suggested tool is a new (rinsed to remove lint) string mop because it automatically conforms to the high and low spots of grout joints and textured materials. Sponge mops (not a hand held sponge) are ok on smooth finish flooring and if bubbles are not created.

Do not shake - just turn bottle upside down once. After patch test is approved, POUR directly from bottle to floor to make a small puddle (NO INTERMEDIATE CONTAINER i.e. paint tray, pail). Help the puddle to spread to an even film. Do not "paint out" the puddle edges - let them flow out to maintain film thickness. Do not leave puddles to dry. Use a minimum of overlap and touchup. Let first coat dry before applying a second.

For average applications (varies with humidity) the coating will be: dry to touch: 15 min., dry to walk on: 30 minutes, dry hard: 1 hour. See "Tips & Troubleshooting" on the product page at if you do not see the expected results.


For rapid and easy dusting use "Dust Whiz". Damp mop with "Maintain" to keep a clean shiny surface. If traffic patterns appear it is only necessary to re-apply "Lifeguard" to the worn area, not the surrounding area. Ammonia cleaners may prematurely degrade Lifeguard.

In the unlikely event of a stain being so severe as to actually damage the "Lifeguard" coating, that area may be patch repaired. So that you get the strongest stripper available, but not so strong as to damage the underlying sealer, use Aldon "Insta-Clean". Allow a long dwell time to break down the tough Lifeguard film.

FIRST AID: IF SWALLOWED-Do not induce vomiting. Call a physician or Poison Control Center. INHALED: If odor is strong or you notice dizziness, headache or eye watering- STOP-leave area immediately. EYE/MUCOUS MEMBRANE CONTACT OR SKIN IRRITATION: Flush with water for at least 15 minutes. IN ALL CASES - Immediately Contact a physician & Poison Control Center! EMERGENCY 800-535-5053 or 352-323-3500 CAUTION: AVOID IF ALLERGIC. HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED. AVOID PROLONGED CONTACT WITH SKIN. Use only in a well ventilated area. Keep away from heat or open flame as could produce toxic gases. Do not transfer contents to other unlabeled containers. Close container after use. This product contains no reported carcinogens or suspected carcinogens. We believe that there is no significant risk in the normal use of the product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! Do Not Allow To Freeze! NOTE: Patch testing is always advisable to insure the results will be as expected. Each application has a different set of variables and because of possible miscommunication or misunderstanding of the conditions, final approval, prior to use, must be the responsibility of the user, regardless of recommendations by the manufacturer or seller. The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge and belief accurate, however, due to the fact ALDON has no control over proper surface preparation or application methods, no guarantee as to results is offered, expressed or implied. ALDON products are inspected before shipment and conform to ALDON'S usual standards of quality for such goods at the time of shipment to ALDON'S purchaser. All other warranties whether expressed or implied, including any warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose, but without limitation thereto, are expressly excluded. ALDON shall not be liable for consequential or special damages, nor for any damages in excess of purchase.

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