Your project is ready to go and you need to know what to order and you need it right now?

No problem!  Here is why:

  1. Click this button if you do not know what you need.  Our customer support department will have answers for you in a couple of business hours. But first, look at what we say about your other concerns below, then come back up to click this button and we will guide you through the rest of the process.
    help with flooring
  2. You can order samples here:  Samples of Aldon products  (Highly recommended!)

  3. You order product here:  clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick  . Your order will be processed immediately. Your delivery options are:
    • Pick up in two business hours at the closest warehouse. We have multiple warehouses as you will see from the map on the Step 6 page. 
    • Or, we will deliver to you.  Most customers are in the next day zone from the closest warehouse.  All orders are shipped the same day (we have plenty of inventory at each warehouse for this) if the warehouse receives your order by noon.  Therefore, most shipments are received the day after ordering.

This means:

  • You will not be spending hours looking for knowledgeable help and asking store personnel what you need.  More often than not they will not understand enough about your surface type to recommend the best product to reach your goals anyway.
  • You will not be investing time and money in products that may, or may not, do what you want.  You have already proven that with the Aldon samples.
  • You will not be waiting days to receive products.
  • You will have rapid contact with us, the manufacturer of the products, to make sure you reach your goals.  This happens all the way through the process - from understanding your surface type - to testing samples - to after you receive and apply the products.  Aldon is not a re-seller of another companies products.  We make them, we understand them, and we understand your goals.

Or you can wander through some big box store for an hour or so seeking answers that leave you wondering.  Go ahead!  You can always come back here later.  Just hold down your control (Ctrl) key and type the letter D.  That will bookmark this page, or any of our other pages, for access later.  You will find the bookmark under "Recent Bookmarks" in Firefox or at the bottom of the "Favorites" list in Internet Explorer.

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