What is the difference between an investment and an expense?

  • You are about to spend some money to protect and/or repair your flooring. If you need to do that job every year it is an expense (and a significant annoyance). If you spend the same amount of money today and do not need to again for many, many years - you have made an investment.  In more than money, this costs you less over time than a yearly expense.

  • The idea that a floor needs to be sealed yearly is common, and wrong. However, that marketing concept does sell a lot of sealer for our competitors.

  • Your flooring is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Choosing the right sealer for that flooring investment is based upon correct choices by youIt is not based upon buying a sealer on a price of more or less dollars than another, or one recommended by someone else.

  • Money is only part of the issue.  The time, work, inconvenience of moving carpet and furniture, being deprived of the use of a room for a time - can all be minimized to a one time event instead of a yearly ordeal.

So, what makes the Aldon difference?

You do not need to gamble with your money, your floor, your time, your inconvenience. 

  • We manufacture all of these cleaning, sealing, and floor care products.  Aldon is not a division of another company and not a distributor of other companies products.  As this is all we do and is our specialty, you can assume we are speaking from a considerable knowledge base about our industry.  There is nobody in the middle (distributor or salesperson) communicating to you and confusing the message.

  • We encourage, and will assist with, your investigation into the characteristics of your surface type to eliminate surprises and achieve your goals.

  • All our products do what we describe (without claims of miracles).  But, that is not the issue! 
    The issue is - Will they do what you want?
    Here is how you prove it.

    • After looking at the web site, and/or considering any suggestions we might provide,
      click the  Samples of Aldon products  button to order the small samples that prove your decisions before ordering large quantities.

    • If the samples do not do what you expected - that is good!  You found out that something is different than you thought at the best point in the process and we can assist you from there.

    • If the samples show you what you expected, then order a small amount of product to prove it over a larger area and establish the quantities needed.

    • Then order product to finish the project.

Hopefully you can now see that this process treats you like an intelligent adult and does not (unlike what you have previously encountered) try to "sell" you something that may not be in your best interests.

Trust is always a factor in any decision like this.  We do not ask for your trust.  We ask you to prove you can trust what we are doing.

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