Confused about what kind of surfacing to use for your project?

Getting confusing information from some experts telling you that you should not use the surfacing you like best where you want to use it?

Here are some common sense considerations:

  • Almost any surfacing can be used whereever you want it - within reason.

  • Other peoples bad experiences with any surface type are almost always due to lack of good information about its installation and protection.

  • An example - "Mexican tile has lots of problems".  
    • Not if installed as we describe and protected from all the things that you may not know about - yet.

  • An example - "Don't use limestone or marble in a kitchen because acidic liquids will dull the surface."
    • Not if protected with the correct sealer so the acidic liquid cannot contact the stone.

  • An example - " Don't use a certain surfacing around a pool because it will be hurt by pool chemicals and you can't seal it or it will be too slippery".
    • It won't be hurt if the correct sealer is preventing contact of the chemicals with the surface.  Slipperiness increases with gloss, therefore, protect it with a sealer that does not create gloss, or too much gloss.  Choose a surfacing that has sufficient traction when unsealed, then retain the traction benefits with the sealer choice.

  • Every project is different from every other project, even if the same materials are used.  Recognize that no matter what, there could be variables unknown to you and the installer.  We help you make choices that provide a very wide margin for error and unknowns.  You will never know there was something to be concerned about because we have helped you take care of it automatically in the process.


So, what do you do to make informed choices?

  • You may have already chosen a surfacing because it will look great in the application. 
  • Do not be discouraged from using it where you want until you have proven it just does not make good sense after the following steps.
  • Look on our web site in the  Pros/Cons And Pictures Of All Surface Types  section and think about what is said pro and con.  You will see ways to take care of any "cons".
  • Acquire a couple of pieces of the surfacing you like for testing.
  • If not sure what you want to test, or you are uncertain about anything, click this page link and send us the information.  You will receive a response from us the same business day.
  • Order some samples of the suggested products  Samples of Aldon products  . With the samples you get testing tips and contact information to us.
  • Test and validate your diagnosis.  You will be able to tell us if you do not see what you expect and we will assist you from there.  Test for the worst case abuse of wear and chemical attack that could possibly happen.

After this, you are prepared with a high level of confidence and can proceed with the ordering and installation of the surfacing of your choice.  Now you have saved yourself from making costly and frustrating mistakes.