About Aldon (No mission statement about what we "want to do".  This is what we "really do" !):

  • Homeowner, contractor, builder, architect - We will help you with your marble table top, your kitchen floor, or your commercial building restoration.  Floors or walls - inside or outside.

  • We manufacture protection and care products for all hard surface flooring & pavers.

  • We have been an industry leading manufacturer of chemical products since 1984.

  • We are a USA owned company with all products manufactured in the USA.

  • We have distributors and company warehouse stores across the United States and Canada. You are probably in the one day shipping range and we maintain sufficient inventory at each location to always ship immediately.

  • We ship to distributors, homeowners, and contractors everywhere in the world serviced by UPS, Fedex, truck, and ocean freight.

  • We have the highest level of accurate and rapid customer information and support of any industry.  You will see that is not just a claim.  test us -
    help with flooring

  • We show you web site pictures and videos of how products work and the results produced.

  • We have a sample program to confirm the results on any given application, anywhere in the world - before you spend time and money on a project.

  • We do not want you buying Aldon products until you are totally confident.