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First - we need your project information and your questions!

You can send an email to ProjectAdvice@aldonchem.com if you prefer. But we will need a lot more information than you think and you will have a lot more questions than you know right now. For the fastest and most accurate response, please use the links below. Let's get all the information right away so we can help you rapidly.

Click the appropriate link to start the process of rapid information gathering. Usually, we will be able to answer you in a few hours.

1.   Click here for:    How do I (clean, protect, seal, refinish) my (floor, wall, driveway, patio, etc.)?

This selection is if you have not tested or used Aldon products yet and your question is
"What Aldon products do I need to ...... ?"

(Click for a project done with another manufacturer's sealer that is no longer available).


2.   Click here for:   What now? An Aldon product did not do what I expected.

( This selection is if you have tested or used Aldon products on a project and do not see the results you expected. The question is "What do I do next?" )

Note 1: If you have tested Aldon product(s) and do not see the results you expected - This is good!.  All Aldon products do exactly what we describe, but sometimes the job conditions are not what you thought. Now, we can assist you using this new information.

Note 2: If you have done the entire project without testing and have unexpected results, we will help you. Relax! Nothing is a disaster that can't be fixed.




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