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Why are you here?     What can you expect from Aldon?

You are here because you have questions about your surfacing type and you are not confident about what have been told. You are correct in that feeling because there is a very large amount of mis-information in our industry.

What can you expect Aldon? You may not know it yet, but you will see that we are providing you with the information to diagnose your project without the bias you encounter everywhere else trying to sell you something. Hopefully, you will understand that giving you a quick answer that you may want to hear (i.e. do this, buy this, etc.) is risky for you. Please take a few minutes to understand what we are saying about your surface type. Contact us with your project details if you like. Then do what makes you comfortable, even if you purchase another companies products.

There are many goals involved in your project. The easiest to understand now is: Let's do the job right the first time. Moving furniture more than once can be avoided by taking the time to make some decisions, test the products with samples, then do the project. The Aldon Program takes you through easy steps faster than going to store after store and wondering about what is the right thing to do! You be the judge!

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