Aldon products for floors and walls

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Aldon products by formula type and function

Simply write down the formula type and function. Then you can click this List of Alternatives we have created for you. The products shown in that listing are from our competitors and our research indicates they should be of similar formula type and functions. The list also shows application tools for each type of situation plus other cleaners and stain removers with our tips.

SBS Sealer (inc. aerosols) - Mexiglaze - Penetrating Paver Sealer - Porous Stone Sealer - 4 in 1 Sealer
These are classified as: penetrating - petroleum solvent base - carrying acrylic solids

Same Day Sealer: fully penetrating - water base - no gloss

Crystal Glaze Sealer/Coating: film forming coating - water base - medium to high gloss

Lifeguard Sealer Protector: film forming coating - water base - low to medium gloss

Insta-Clean:Degreaser and stain remover

Maintain: no streak wet mop solution

Grout Easy: water soluble temporary barrier to prevent grouting smears

Dust Whiz: spray on dry mop to grab dust

Premium Stripper: stripper for solvent base sealers or very tough/thick coatings - petroleum solvent base