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This page tells you how to do a new sealer application for your beautifully handcrafted stone tabletop from Agio USA


Agio USA stone tabletops manufactured prior to August 2003

Prior to August 2003, Agio USA stone tabletops were coated with a sealer that protected well and was quite beautiful. However, that sealer does not have the many distinct advantages of Aldon S-B-S Sealer. That is why Agio USA now uses Aldon S-B-S Sealer in their manufacturing.

The process of sealing and protecting your stone tabletop with Aldon S-B-S Sealer is simple and does not require any special knowledge or tools. To help you decide if you would like to achieve the higher level of benefit from S-B-S Sealer - click here. You will be able to order a special package we have put together for pato furniture if you return to this page and continue below.

Here are the instructions for removal of the old sealer and replacement with Aldon S-B-S Sealer:

Step 1 - Removal of old sealer.

Yes, you do want to remove the old sealer first. That way the new sealer is penetrating into and bonding to the stone, not another sealer.

Strip only a 1/4 section of the total surface area to start. This will give you a "before and after" comparison with the remaining sections to make sure you have removed all the old sealer. Remember that the only reason the new sealer could peel in any area would be because it is bonded to a patch of old sealer that was not removed, and the old sealer was not well bonded to the stone.

clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick
You will receive "Insta-Clean" in a quart bottle with a trigger grip sprayer. Remove trigger grip sprayer and pour a puddle onto the tabletop. Use the spray head with the left over "Insta-Clean" for heavy duty cleaning of all patio furniture in the future.
  1. Please do not take shortcuts! Each step has purpose and is to make sure you only do this once.
  2. Pour a puddle of Aldon Insta-Clean on a conveniently sized and workable area of tabletop that is not more than 25% of the total area. This is to provide a "before and after" comparison to evaluate the results.
  3. Allow puddle of liquid to sit for as long as possible, but do not let it dry.
  4. Wipe off with a clean white cloth.
  5. You can aid the process with gentle rubbing and moving around of the liquid with #0000 steel wool available at all paint and hardware stores. This very fine steel wool can be used on glass without scratching, so it will not scratch the stone. You do not need to scrub hard with the steel wool. You are only rubbing lightly to aid the process of the "Insta-Clean" breaking down the old sealer.
  6. Evaluate the test area when dry:
    1. Does the stripped area "feel" more like a smooth stone finish and less like a wax coating?
    2. Observe the sunlight bounce off the table top toward you. Does the stripped area look like there is nothing remaining of the old sealer?

    If yes to both, strip the balance of the tabletop

    If no to one or both, strip the test area again and evaluate again.

  7. Rinse once with clean water and wipe dry immediately so that any mineral content in the water is not left behind.
  8. Copper accents? These can have brightness restored with Aldon Grout Residue Remover.  However, there are the following things to consider:
      • Be very cautions as this is an acidic liquid and overuse will etch any marble, limestone, or concrete (cement) in the top.
      • Once brightened, the copper will now change color faster than before due to exposure to air and moisture.  Be sure to seal it, and the whole tabletop, as soon as dry.
      • You need such a small amount of Grout Residue Remover, you might be better off ordering it as one or two samples instead of a gallon.  Although, the product does have more uses that you will see on it's product page.
    • Allow at least 2 hours for complete drying in dry weather before sealing.
    • If your tabletop looks "faded", do not be concerned. Test a very small area with the Aldon S-B-S Sealer and you should see the color restored. As the sealer does not breakdown, the color should stay strong.

If you have applied another sealer in addition to the factory applied sealer, you may need to use Aldon Premium Stripper for a more aggressive stripping action.

Step 2 - Applying S-B-S Sealer

Sealing tabletops   To see a full video of the sealer stripping / spraying process, click >>

Follow label directions and note all label cautions:

  1. Do a small test area first.
  2. The goal is to see that you have coated the surface with a thin layer of LIQUID, not a light spray. The liquid will self level. You are not painting!
  3. Your first goal is maximum penetration into the stone. Therefore, allow as much liquid as you think will accomplish that goal.
  4. If the finish is not smooth due to dust particles, buff with very light pressure using #0000 steel wool.
  5. A second sealer application should not be necessary, but can be used to smooth out the finish if needed.
  6. If the gloss is too high for you, or you need to improve a portion, the sealer will liquefy again with lacquer thinner and can be removed or reworked.

The finish you have now created has some interesting features for your consideration:

  • It will clean up easier and be resistant to acidic liquids like wine and fruit juice.
  • It does not need to be redone because it does not degrade over time.
  • It has been used on flooring for 20 years. A table top obviously does not receive the abuse of flooring.
  • Worst case type damage to the sealer (cut with a knife, scorched with a flame or hot metal, etc.) is easily repaired by removing the affected small section with lacquer thinner and reapplication of the sealer.

Note: Use only clean, protect, seal tile - stone - pavers - brick S-B-S Sealer to repair the finish. The concept is "Do not risk incompatibility". We know what S-B-S Sealer does with the original sealer, but have no idea what a different sealer might do.

You can order Aldon S-B-S Sealer in convenient aerosol spray cans that are specifically designed for tabletops, back splashes, counter tops, and other small projects. To order this, and any other Aldon products - click here   Immediate Ordering From The Aldon Web Site. There is also a link on that page if your shipping destination is outside the USA and Canada.